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The Sacred  Masculine

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Through the Feminine Pathways, Sacred Tara offers the Masculine a space to Rest and Receive Healing. With a clear channel of Nurturing and Healing, she calls forth the Divine Masculine with-in you with her Presence, Honouring and Purity. Step forward anew in your Sacred Warrior Presence with this unique Healing Experience.


Tara offers this through channelled Intuitive Healing, Sacred Touch, Balinese Massage, Reiki, Essential oils + more.


This session is naturally sensual in its nature, however is a Non-Sexual service.


An opportunity for you to receive the gift of touch without any sexual attachment.


Sacred Soul Mentoring

"A Sacred Space to Mentor your Souls Expression”

Sacred Soul Mentoring offers you a safe space for Body, Mind, and Soul to re-connect. Tara uses a range of Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance and Holistic Counselling tools to uniquely tailor each session for your individual needs. You will be nurtured, supported, and confident to create a life of wellness, wholeness and harmony.

Receive an experience of:

Soul Mentoring

Intuitive Guidance

Intentional Talk Therapy

Energy Healing

Somatic Mindfulness

Inner Child work

Reiki Healing


Let’s begin this journey, together.


1:1 Sacred Soul Session



The Healing Experience

This Unique Experience is a customisable Healing Journey that allows for your Soul to Guide the Support that is needed. Set your Intention and allow for me to be your guide and channel of healing for your soul path. Through Intuitive Healing, Sacred Touch, Balinese Massage, Reiki, Essential Oils, Crystals +more, this 90min Ceremony will allow for full healing and transformation. A coming home to the true you.


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