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Sacred Tara is the loving, nurturing and healing channel of Tara Heaher. Sacred Tara holds deep feminine gifts and a passion for supporting women in a very unique way.


Using the delicate Feminine Pathways, Tara offers an experience that allows for you to deepen into; Feminine Presence, Flow, Magic, Passion, Purity, Erotic Innocence and Sacred Sensuality.


Feel held and nurtured as you step forward into your true Soul Self and Embody your Feminine Essence. Tara offers this through channelled Intuitive Healing, Sacred Touch, Balinese Massage, Reiki, Essential oils + more.


Sacred  Feminine Experience

Enter this two hour temple and journey into the Sacred Feminine within you.
Using Energy Healing and Sacred Touch allow me to tune into the whispers of the Feminine Body. Here she will guide me to where you need support, touch and healing. This session is delicately woven to be deeply healing, nurturing and activating for the Feminine Essence. We will peel back the layers of the Rose within and Gracefully invite her to open like a Rose.
This experience will be guided by you, your body and the channel of healing coming through.
We will begin with a cacao ceremony, intention setting and card reading. We will then flow into a Healing and Sacred Touch bodywork.


The Healing Experience

This Unique Experience is a customisable Healing Journey that allows for your Soul to Guide the Support that is needed. Set your Intention and allow for me to be your guide and channel of healing for your soul path. Through Intuitive Healing, Sacred Touch, Balinese Massage, Reiki, Essential Oils, Crystals +more, this 90min Ceremony will allow for full healing and transformation.  A coming home to the true you.


Online Healing Ceremony 

I invite you into the virtual temple of Sacred Tara. Allow for me to be the channel of healing as your Soul Truth guides us through a ceremonial experience. Beginning by dropping in, hearts wide open, with an intuitively guided meditation and cacao ceremony. Setting an intention for the session we will then dive into a guided healing process involving Energy Healing, Sacred Soul mentoring, reiki and activated card reading.

*sessions held via Zoom


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