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Sacred Tara is the inspiring, loving and nurturing healing channel of Tara Heather.  She offers a space for you to drop into soul communion and guides you home to the true you.  This is done through a Sacred Ceremony of healing, where Sacred Tara supports you with Sacred Touch, Intuitive Healing, Balinese Massage, Reiki, Essential Oils, The Liquid Crystals and more. Sacred Tara truely is a unique experience of healing and transformation.


Sacred Tara

Sacred Tara is the loving, nurturing and inspiring healing channel of Tara Heather.

Tara started this path by beginning her own journey of self-discovery in 2013. This path then evolved into the business of Sacred Tara a few years later after a weekend massage course and a huge activation of the healer with-in.

From there Tara has continued her journey of self-discovery and taken a huge passion, professionally, in supporting people with their healing through; Bodywork, Sacred Touch, Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Meditation, Dance, Embodiment, Women's Workshops and Holistic Counselling. Scared Tara has a unique interest in Healing & Receiving the Divine Feminine in both Men and Women.

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Sacred Touch

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